Vision of St. Cross

by Dear Laika

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suncaverns A sensitively-produced synthesis of genres into a work of stunning cohesion. Both intensely personal and transcendentally spiritual, and woven together through immaculate and original soundscapes. Favorite track: Granite.
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thomski Offers a tranquil sense of floating; the best way I can describe the tracks without lyrics is that they introduce some kind of weightlessness. Just me rambling. Favorite track: December Sequence.
michelle s.m.
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michelle s.m. lovely lovely and relatable album by a lovely person, one of the many people who inspire me as an independent artist myself Favorite track: Granite.
Beige Monk
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Beige Monk Beautiful debasing of the entire ambient genre. For fans of Slowdive, Steve Reich, AnCo, Sufjan, Sweet Trip, Thom Yorke, and a million artists that are either long forgotten or don't yet exist. Favorite track: Granite.
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tjaart A really beautiful collection tracks fusing Chamber Pop, Ambient Pop, and Art Pop with electronic genres like Drone, and Glitch. The bedroom pop aesthetic holds it back a little bit, but a truly beautiful debut album Favorite track: Granite.
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an album about fever dreams, love in the time of internet, heartbreak, medieval monasteries, distance (both emotional and geographical), bad religion, large bodies of water, gender identity, scottish mythology, isolation, and soviet space dogs


released January 12, 2017

all songs and lyrics written by dear laika
text of “blare’s nightmare” originally written by blare coughlin, adapted and translated by dear laika
thanks to james cockayne for lyrical inspiration for "chokecherries"

dear laika: vox, piano, guitar, violin, viola, laptop for making the sounds and samples go
spoken word on “blare’s nightmare” and “half the world now wants you dead” by marie andré

track 4 uses elements from "eh" by death grips and "the waiting sky" by oliver tarney
track 6 uses elements from "vertical" and "summing the wretch" by animal collective and "drop drop slow tears" by oliver tarney
track 8 uses elements from "deep river" by cantores episcopi
~ all samples are presented and repackaged under fair use ~

“mixed” by dear laika
mastered by tamara westwood (
artwork by ruth culham (

huge thanks to deirbhile sharkey, james cockayne, oliver maier, andrew stevenson, tamara westwood, ruth culham, marie andré, blare coughlin, jack burnett, sage hornby, rollo quinault, angus robinson, joseph zubier, eliza morano, alison rumfitt, ashleigh-rose hoffman, jane louise fredericks, kiran leonard, kate bush, jonny greenwood, noah lennox, oliver tarney, nicolas salwey, jamal sutton, max thackray, alison wallis, robin harlow, my parents, my few online supporters and followers, and all my friends and inspirations* <3

*[amon tobin, animal collective, arca, arvo pärt, baths, battles, the beach boys, björk, black dice, can, chelsea wolfe, claude debussy, deakin, dirty projectors, don caballero, drive like jehu, gang gang dance, grimes, grouper, györgy ligeti, herbert howells, ian william craig, john tavener, jon hopkins, kate bush, kiran leonard, laika, lamb, matmos, maurice ravel, the microphones, murcof, nina simone, olivier messiaen, panda bear, portishead, radiohead, ralph vaughan-williams, robert wyatt, she's beautiful, slint, steve reich, st vincent, sufjan stevens, sweet trip, talk talk, unwound, vashti bunyan, vladislav delay, xiu xiu, yes]




Dear Laika Cold Ash, UK

19yo english youth plays the progressive neo-psych mathy glitchy ambient chamber dream pop classics

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Track Name: Silver Sun
my hammock under tree
my unsolved mystery
my rocky alifie
my ornithology

we'll float like a chagall
across the silver sun
and when our flight is done 
sleep in a sweet chorale

but we're cities apart now
we're kisses awaited
we're words illuminated
Track Name: Chokecherries (Barbedwirebirdeyes)
many years a brother 
you're the first to say
"why do you laugh so high?"

new atlantic sailor
in august midwinter
were you at all prepared?

darkest fruit in your grasp
sourness on your tongue
and sword through your spine 
(a sword goes through your spine)

you return shaking 
with blood on your hands 
and barbedwirebirdeyes 
raw in morning light

but as the season breeze 
brings dust from the east
pain is gone with time
Track Name: Blare's Nightmare
pourquoi mes cauchemars, ont-ils encore lieu à saint croix?
pourquoi rassemblais-je des chèvres?
pourquoi y avait-il des grenouilles qui sautaient en racontant des souvenirs de leurs vies antérieures? 
pourquoi mon père, conduisait-il à l'aéroport?
pourquoi ne courais-je pas bien? 
je sais pas...
Track Name: December Sequence
and at the sound of the seventh bell
i heard the most beautiful word
clearer than the slovenian lakes
and brighter than the silver sun
Track Name: Hymnus
how can I laugh when all is said
with all but chosen church misled
and death reserved, no love to show
to us determined down below?
Track Name: Half the World Now Wants You Dead
Part I: Look

what can i do? what should i do?
don't look at me, friends 
i know i look distressed 
and i look at my chest 
as i would look at the heavens 
to cry to the predestined

and i can't love you
and i can't kill you

Part II: Blare's Vision

mais dès que j'ai atteint la cime de la colline de saint croix, j'ai levé mes yeux et regardé une étoile...
et j'ai vu que l'étoile était une petite chienne dans une capsule en métal...
elle se sentait très seule et elle ne rêvait pas...
elle ne savait pas ce qui se passait...
et moi non plus...

Part III: Of Thought (for the New York of 50 Years Ago)

we try but cannot be discrete 
‘cause all those boys and girls we meet
we sidestep, magnets north to north
we're just on different trains of thought 

different strain of heads
and how does it feel when 
half the world now wants you dead?
Track Name: Granite
in our embrace i don't match you 
i'm stooped too broad too cubist 
i fall apart i turn away 
how do i not frighten you? 

the moment has passed 
and every inch of me is granite
it'll be like this for the rest of my life
they look at me and say...

shave away my neck
and shave away my shoulders
shave until there's strawberries and cream in the boiling summer rain 
shave away my waist
then shave away my nose my jaw my legs
why don't you just shave it all...
Track Name: Ronan's Song
midsummer evening on the beach 
my mother swept ashore for heat 
disrobed and shook her velvet skin
and found a father for her kin

the waves pulled her in again 
my father drowns himself now and then 
my sister's island gave her rest 
i found her lying with a shag's nest in her chest